Organic Bioactives wins ‘Best Ingredient Supplier’ in the global BeautyMatter NEXT Awards in Los Angeles

by Organic Bioactives Ltd

Auckland, New Zealand, September 2022 – Organic Bioactives is proud to announce they have been awarded ‘Best Ingredient Supplier’ at the inaugural BeautyMatter NEXT Awards for their provisionally patented PlantaeDerMX® and ZeaDerMX® product ranges.

BeautyMatter has made its mark gaining a global following becoming one of the most influential voices covering beauty. With over 300+ entries internationally, the NEXT awards recognise innovators in the beauty ecosystem that are raising the bar and defining the future.

“We are honoured to have won ‘Best Ingredient Supplier” at the first ever BeautyMatter NEXT Awards. This recognition from such a prestigious panel of judges is a credit to our entire team. Thank you, Kelly Kovack and everyone at BeautyMatter.  We have amazing botanicals here in New Zealand and to be recognised for our work in creating high-efficacy ingredients, using innovative green bio-technologies is quite outstanding.”

— Mario Vulinovich, Managing Director at Organic Bioactives

Bringing the best botanical extracts New Zealand has to offer

Building on the success of the OceanDerMX® range, Organic Bioactives were judged on its new PlantæDerMX® and ZeaDerMX® ingredient lines.

PlantæDerMX® series is a line of premium native and New Zealand grown exotic botanical extracts. Each distinct ingredient is backed up with in-vitro analysis and delivers remarkable levels of antioxidant activity, anti-inflammatory and / or anti-pollution activity.

ZeaDerMX® range centers around the protection and repair hero-ingredient green tea. Each of the ingredients in the line is made with organic, hand-picked green tea grown in the volcanic soil of the Waikato region of New Zealand.

Innovative clean beauty extraction technology

Both the PlantæDerMX® series and ZeaDerMX® range is sustainably obtained using the company’s new innovative, multi-step extraction technology – PlantæXtraction™.

This extraction method is a low speed, cold crushing and pressing system that physically disrupts and breaks open plant cell walls under reduced exposure to air and heat. This low impact high yield method retains plant vitality and efficiently releases vitamins, antioxidants, enzymes, and minerals efficiently released.

“The Organic Bioactives approach to raw material sourcing and ingredient production is grounded in Indigenous New Zealand harvesting practices and innovative ‘chemical-free’ processing—an extraction technique that uses water and temperature rather than synthetic chemicals.”

— Andrea Taimana, Founder and Chief Scientific Officer at Organic Bioactives

Serving both big manufacturers and small brands

Organic Bioactives offer affordable volume flexibility — being able to supply in small volumes for the growing Indie beauty market as well as larger volumes for established and multinational manufacturers. Products are incredibly easy for formulators to work with and do not disrupt fragrance, colour, or the aesthetics of the final product.

About Organic Bioactives

Organic Bioactives is a leading innovator of New Zealand marine and land bioactive ingredients for the global cosmetics industry.

They are dedicated to bringing the power of New Zealand’s rich and bountiful biodiversity together with modern skincare science to produce clean beauty bioactives without compromising either their efficacy or our precious environment.

Their approach to raw material sourcing and ingredient production is grounded in our proprietary green bio-technology, sustainable processing and manufacturing practices with adherence to indigenous harvesting customs.  For this reason, they leave the process of harvesting with Māori communities who carry the traditional knowledge on how to approach our habitat sustainable and regenerative way.

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