Organic Bioactives brings OceanDerMX® ingredient line to the global cosmetics and personal care market with new clinical data and new distribution partnerships

by Organic Bioactives Ltd

To better meet industry demand for green chemistry solutions, the award-winning New Zealand based company has partnered with ingredient distributors in key markets and invested further in R&D, hiring more scientists and expanding in-house clinical testing capabilities

Auckland, New Zealand, April 2022 — As an innovator in the natural bioactive ingredient sector, Organic Bioactives has set a pace of progress that’s giving the industry hope, as manufacturers and brands strive to make meaningful change and have a positive effect on biodiversity, human diversity, and the future of beauty.

Future-Forward Green Chemistry Meets Traditional Māori Knowledge

Organic Bioactives debuted its popular OceanDerMX® range of ingredient blends in 2020 and later that same year was recognized with the top prize in the L’Oréal Innovation Runway competition for the company’s proprietary water-based extraction technology TPTXtraction as a scientific solution that will shape the future of beauty.

“We are dedicated to bringing the power of New Zealand’s bountiful biodiversity together with modern skincare science,” says Andrea Taimana, Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer at Organic Bioactives, “starting with hand-picked, wild-grown botanicals – following Tikanga Māori – a strict traditional harvesting practice of the Indigenous people of Aotearoa New Zealand through to chemical free processing of raw botanicals and the development of innovative bioactives.”

The OceanDerMX® range comprises four multitasking bioactive ingredient blends: Lift & Firm, Restore & Protect, Balance & Brighten, and Calm & Soothe.

Underscoring the beauty industry’s interest in sustainable and effective bioactives, ingredients from the OceanDerMX® line are currently in product development with some 15 well-known skincare and hair care brands around the world. And thanks to the company’s speed-to-market support, OceanDerMX® ingredients are already in consumer products on both physical and digital retail shelfs in Asia and Australasia.

Cécile Nayl, Organic Bioactives’ Director in France, has been working with French distributors with OceanDerMX® Lift & Firm in both skincare and color cosmetics applications and describe it as, “Naturally moisturizing and tightening, with a visible smoothing effect in less than 15 minutes at only 2%. Preliminary studies have proven that OceanDerMX® Lift & Firm also has a very visible effect in make-up formulations. Its compatibility with treated pigments is excellent.”

Organic Bioactives expands testing laboratories and hires botanical extractions specialists

“Our proudest achievement this past year, was absolutely our expansion in science and R&D,” says Mario Vulinovich, Commercial Director at Organic Bioactives.

“During the latest funding round, Organic Bioactives secured capital to set up comprehensive testing laboratories for clinical validation and efficacy studies, hire additional R&D scientists, and further study the country’s unique botanical biodiversity.”

Organic Bioactives in-house lab capabilities now include efficacy testing, clinical photography and image analysis, patch testing, in-vivo and in-vitro assays,and more. The specialized laboratories provide more detailed data on the company’s full portfolio of bioactive ingredients, more resources to develop thenext generation of natural bioactives, and accelerated coding data for Organic Bioactives’ clients.

Distribution that supports cosmetics and personal care product makers globally

Over the past two years, Organic Bioactives has partnered with ingredient distributors in several key markets around the world. In recent years, Organic Bioactives has partnered with ingredient distributors in several key markets around the world. Across Europe, the company has partnerships with Aceto, Lehvoss, GfN Selco and Lawrence Industries. In the US market, Amerilure, Xytrus, and Global Ingredient Solutions represent the Organic Bioactives portfolio.

In Asia, Organic Bioactives works with Aowen, Azelis Asia-Pacific, Bonanzatech, CLKK, Eco Nature, Hachimori International and Antung Innova. In New Zealand, Organic Bioactives ingredients are sold by both Pure Nature and Pure Ingredients.

Beyond conventional sales support, these partners are helping make Organic Bioactives all the more available to beauty product makers in each of these regions, by exhibiting at trade shows and suppliers’ day events, offering skincare product prototypes and starter formulas, hosting live webinars with Organic Bioactives Co- Founder and CSO Andrea Taimana, and more.

Introducing two new natural, bioactive ingredient lines: PlantæDerMX® & ZeaDerMX®

In Q2 2022, Organic Bioactives is launching its new PlantaeDerMX® & ZeaDerMX® ingredient lines. “New Zealand’s lush green sub-tropical rainforest climate due to the unique geographical position combined with large uninhabited areas has resulted in an abundance of fast growing, readily available evergreen native botanicals,” explains Andrea Taimana, Co-Founder and CSO at Organic Bioactives.

PlantæDerMX® is a line of New Zealand native botanical extracts—based in glycerin or oil. Each distinct ingredient is backed up with in-vitro analysis and delivers remarkable levels of anti-oxidant activity, anti- inflamatory, and / or anti-pollution activity.

The new ZeaDerMX® range centers around the protection and repair hero-ingredient New Zealand grown green tea. Each of the ingredients in the line is made with organic, hand-picked green tea grown in the volcanic soil of the Waikato region. This tea is also known as Zealong tea. The 4 ingredients in the range were carefully developed to address environmental pollution and UV damage and are well suited for use in both skincare and hair care product formulations at 0.5 – 5%.

Organic Bioactives and our distribution partners will be exhibiting at the following cosmetics and personal care industry tradeshows in 2022:

in-cosmetics Global online

  • April 11 – 22
  • Stand VB2

NYSCC Suppliers’ Day in New York City, US

  • May 3 – 4
  • Booth 1573
  • To schedule a meeting, contact Andrea Taimana, email: [email protected]

About Organic Bioactives

Organic Bioactives brings the power of New Zealand’s rich and bountiful biodiversity together with modern skincare science to create unparalleled clean beauty bioactives.

Our kaupapa (guiding principles and values) of Organic Bioactives are rooted in interdependence, respect, and gratitude towards Papatūānuku (Earth Mother) and the Tangata Whenua (People of the Land) of Aotearoa. As such, it is of paramount importance that we work in a way that protects, preserves, and nourishes New Zealand’s unique biodiversity.

We implement sustainable practices in manufacturing and operations through recycling, upcycling, repurposing. We are constantly optimising and innovating better clean, green extraction technologies. Above all, we celebrate a high level of both individual and collective integrity in our daily business practice.

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