Organic Bioactives Launches

OceanDerMX™ Portfolio of
Luxury Natural Skincare Ingredients

by Organic Bioactives Ltd 

The Māori-owned ingredient maker combines sustainable traditional harvesting practices and leading-edge skincare science to deliver a collection of multitasking patented ingredient blends to the global beauty market, addressing healthy aging, pollution protection, and more.

Auckland, New Zealand, May 2020 — Organic Bioactives announces the launch of the OceanDerMX™ portfolio of multifunctional skincare ingredient blends, all made with the extract of hand-harvested New Zealand Red Algae and other locally sourced natural inputs.

“Treasure Nature and you shall benefit.”

Māori proverb

With this launch, “Organic Bioactives proudly brings patented, clean beauty ingredients sourced from New Zealand’s diverse native botanicals to the market place. We’ve integrated the latest cosmetic science with time-proven indigenous Māori knowledge to create multitasking skincare ingredients with excellent sensorial profiles,” says Andrea Taimana, Founder and Chief Scientific Officer at Organic Bioactives.

All 4 OceanDerMX™ Ingredients are NATRUE certified as well as ECOCERT, COSMOS and China ComplianMX

The OceanDerMX™ portfolio comprises four unique ingredient blends, all built upon Organic Bioactives’ proprietary clean beauty technology, the result of six years of research, comprehensive testing, and trials: OceanDerMX™ Lift & Firm, OceanDerMX™ Restore & Protect, OceanDerMX™ Balance & Brighten, and OceanDerMX™ Calm & Soothe.   

“The first and most important fact to understand,” says Mario Vulinovich, Commercial Director at Organic Bioactives, “is that the OceanDerMX™ range offers performance from ‘all in one’ multitasking ingredients that can replace several individual inputs; inputs like Vitamin A, Hyaluronic Acid, plant-based oligopeptides, synthetic chelators, and melanogenesis inhibitors, which are all commonly sold individually.”

“The OceanDerMX™ range,” adds Vulinovich, “is incredibly easy for formulators to work with: the ingredients do not disrupt fragrance, colour, or the aesthetics of the final product. The whole range offers excellent compatibility with traditional and, most importantly, sustainable cold-process manufacturing processes.”


Organic Bioactive’s patented tripartite extraction method “TPT Xtraction®” is 100% free of chemicals.

And thanks to the work of the Organic Bioactives team, product prototypes, including full formulation details, are available.

“New Zealand’s clean, green, pristine, and nuclear-free reputation is praised worldwide, especially in the food, nutraceuticals, and pharmaceuticals industries,” says Vulinovich.

Sourcing Naturals in the ‘New Normal’ Global Beauty Ingredient Market Place

And while the country’s climate is remarkably pristine, it’s at the same time harsh, humid, and has a high UV index compared to locations in the Northern hemisphere, making both the marine and terrestrial naturals from the islands resilient and potent inputs.

“As a country,” notes Vulinovich, “we are ranked first in the world for ease of doing business. We’re a stable and safe location for investing with confidence.* Our remote and rather isolated geographical position along with low density spaced population is quite beneficial in the current or any future global situations.”

Additionally, “we are in control of our own harvesting, processing, and manufacturing at our own uniquely equipped facilities following strict GMP rules. And due to New Zealand’s firm environmental policies, our waters and land assets have a low exposure to human-caused environmental disasters,” says Vulinovich.

Organic Bioactives Serves Both Big Manufacturers and Small Brands

“With the OceanDerMX™ range, Organic Bioactives is offering our clients a multitasking modular cosmetic system that has excellent compatibility with other ingredients as well as with both traditional and contemporary formulating methods,” says Leigh Kite, International Growth Specialist at Organic Bioactives.

“We offer affordable volume flexibility — being able to supply in small volumes suitable for the growing Indie Beauty market as well as larger volumes for established and multinational manufacturers,” says Kite.

“And,” she adds, “we are also happy to work with our valued clients on specific requests to add to our innovation pipeline.”

For more information on the OceanDerMX™ range of vegan skincare ingredients, visit

Source: Doing Business Report, The World Bank, 2019Organic Bioactives brings the power of New Zealand’s bountiful biodiversity together with modern skincare science to create unparalleled clean beauty ingredients.
Organic Bioactives’ ingredients are NATRUE certified as well as ECOCERT, COSMOS and China compliant.

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